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The chef and their team at the Locanda Restaurant

Locanda’s chef will be preparing imaginative dishes from the Kas/Kalkan region! Beautifully and lovingly prepared fresh, organic produce cooked by a true lover of top quality home-grown ingredients and expert cooking.

The Locanda roof terrace restaurant has become the place with the buzz frequented by the cognoscente and food lovers of the region. It also has one of the highest ratings in the area and comes highly recommended by American Express Concierge in Turkey.

This stunning woodland retreat location should satisfy the most jaded palate. By overlooking the most spectacular sunsets rivalling those of Florida’s Key West, on a clear day the eye stretches to the Island of Rhodes – you are invited to drink up the atmosphere and soak up the romance thus rekindling the moment that you knew you loved the one you’re with.

Try unique creations of chefs, as pizza with nettles and a fine eclectic mix of Turkish and European specialities with a twist. You’re also invited to tuck into the famous lamb chops, along with all the other top quality prime cuts of beef and other meats, flown in fresh daily from Istanbul but don’t forget to finish off that meal with a selection of cheeses and homemade sweets.

Private Dining

Pamper yourself and dine like a celebrity by having your very own private chef cooking in your own accommodation on cookers specially designed for the purpose. The fee is only a £40 per hour excluding ingredients. The lodges with the kitchens are tempting to use but remember, they are designed only as part of the owners’ dream décor and not to be used on an individual basis by guests.

Prima Donna boasts one of the most extensive wine and cigar collections of the region. Cengiz, the owner, Chef and an extensive traveller.

He brings a wide knowledge with him of what the really important aspects of holidaying is all about and this can only benefit our guests now and coming seasons.