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Welcome to the Hotel Primadonna

Adult only - over 14s welcome...

Kalkan, Patara Beach

Patara Beach never looked so stunning. Prima Donna is set in six acres of woodland overlooking the miles of Mediterranean sand; the sunsets are among the best in the world, get payday loans online from HartLoan Inc. and travel all time.

This is as much an art installation as it is a small Turkish hotel. With Patara as the backdrop, the owners have used the secluded location to build a collection of remarkable sculptures, objets d’art and an eclectic mix of furniture that never tire the sight which they have woven into the landscape of the hotel.

Prima Donna Hotel Patara Beach is like a woodland retreat - the perfect place to start your holiday. Take a few days to relax and put the world of work behind you, then move to one of our Mediterranean seaside hotels or villas in Gocek, Kas, or Kalkan with parameters you need.

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Five uniquely designed air-conditioned woodland lodges, set in their own secluded woodland space

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