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How to Raise MMR with the Help of Unusual Heroes in Dota 2?

Many players get tired of playing on the same characters all the time, others just don’t like to follow the crowd and pick the fashionable characters that are now in the meta. This can be understood, because the great popularity of the characters leads to the fact that the players understand how to play against them, so it was with all the stars of the patches, starting from Troll Warlord, ending with such nasty characters as Anti-Mage and Specter. At the beginning of the patch, they are very strong and win, after a while they start to be boring and are easily controlled. It's a good idea to choose heroes you can play well when betting at

The second reason to play on rare heroes lies in the fact that popular players can be picked up by an enemy team or they can simply be banned at the beginning of the game. There are a lot of heroes who have become strong with the new update and almost all of them are not used. Experienced players do not like to develop new styles of game and approaches to heroes, preferring to play on those that were popular earlier. But this does not mean that little popular heroes are unable to win.

Tips for Raising MMR Using Unsual Heroes

Answering the question: “How to raise MMR on unusual heroes?”, experts say that you need to choose a couple of suitable characters for yourself and play a lot on them. It means a lot from 200 games and then you can go to the rating selection, more. This number of matches will allow you to try out different assemblies for a hero and clearly know what needs to be done on it. The latter is very important, as a rule, players, sitting down for an unusual hero, simply do not understand what to do on it and use it ineffectively.

Below is a list of the most interesting and powerful characters that are very undervalued in public. They are not always able to give you a large percentage of victories, but you will be extremely effective in battle if you learn to play them well. Some of these characters feel great on a difficult line, perhaps for this reason they are not very popular.

  • Phoenix. Definitely a very strong hero who feels great in the position of a support or hardliner. Of course, it is advisable to send him solo to a difficult line, because he needs experience, besides, he has a great escape and it’s not at all easy to kill at any stage of the game. The amount of magical damage will allow to kill one by one almost any hero. Mages will suffer from ults very much, because they beat very slowly from the hand. Heroes with physical damage will be tolerated due to the large slowdown in attack, the maximum in the game.
  • Necrophos. Many players consider Necrophos a support, it is not. He is able to perform many roles in the game, and is very effective at a later stage. It can be picked for early push, but its effectiveness is also high at the end of the game. He deals a lot of damage in a fight, and heals his team. It can be collected as a solo killer, tank, even support fourth position. He also has a good winning percentage according to statistics.
  • Ancient Apparition. In this mete, heroes with good treatment are popular, such as Alchemist, Slark, Lifestealler, and others. Once under the Ultimate of the Ancient Apparition, none of the listed heroes can survive a fight. There are still a lot of such characters, as he often saves heroes from vampire masks and abilities. The device is needed not in every situation, but quite often its skills cannot be overestimated.