League of Legends As eSports: Learn about the Main Features

League of Legends today is the most popular online game in the world. It was released in 2009 by Riot Games and almost immediately the publishers set out to develop the eSports component of the project. The game at that time had everything to successfully carry out competitions on it: good graphics, a balance of cards and characters, an observer mode, the absence of critical bugs, etc. Unfortunately, other well-known representatives of the MOBA genre (Dota AllStars, HoN) at the time could not boast of such. In the end, after the first major tournaments, League of Legends took off as a cyber discipline and remains the most popular in the computer sport.

Of course, the bookmakers started and continue to take bets on professional LoL matches. The game is available in all more or less large bookmakers and the number of bets is leading in the West and in Asia in the category of e-sport. For those who decide to understand the rates on LoL, we will talk about the most important points in this matter.

League of Legends: What Kind of Bets Can LoL Players Choose?

The line on LoL is almost identical to Dota 2. In fact, the only differences are the game terms. Here is a sample list of what you should learn for the league of legends betting:

  • Outcomes of the whole match (series) - line 1X2, handicaps, totals;
  • Outcomes of a separate card - the winner, the odds and the total frags;
  • special outcomes - “first blood”, bets on objects;
  • long-term bets - tournament winner, finalist, winner region;

Most of all questions certainly cause special bets, namely betting on objects. Objects in MOBA games are buildings and neutral monsters. In League of Legends, the main objects are the Barons (similar to Roshan in DotA), Dragons (strong neutral monsters), turrets (towers), inhibitors (barracks), and nexus (main buildings based on each team). Bookmakers accept bets on the total of objects killed on the map, which team will be the first to destroy this or that object, the time when it will happen, that both teams will do it for the card, etc. In general, knowing the terminology of LoL to understand the lines of the game is not difficult.

LoL is one of the few examples of creating a quality infrastructure in eSports. Riot is completely in control of everything in a professional LoL, from player contracts with teams to tournament organization. Therefore, the competition for the game enough and they go all year round. The whole world is divided into regions in which teams compete for the right to enter international championships and the main tournament of the year - the League of Legends World Championship.