Some of the Peculiarities of Football Bets

Each bookmaker has its own set of rules by which he accepts bets on football. Before starting the game, you must definitely familiarize yourself with them so as not to lose the bank due to the incorrect interpretation of certain football bets.

Additional and Compensated Time

Hot debate and perplexity among customers are caused by the rules for betting on extra and regular time in football. Most betters mistakenly believe that the time added by the arbiter at the end of the competition is not taken into account when calculating payments. Therefore, it is worth immediately defining two concepts:

  • Compensated time - a few minutes, which the judge adds to the main 45 minutes of each half. Thus, pauses taken for substitutions, medical assistance to football players and other delays in the game are compensated. This time is included in the main and is not separately considered.
  • Extra time - in most cases, two halves of 15 minutes, which are assigned if the event ended in a draw. A good example. The player has bet that less than 2.5 goals will be scored in the match in regular time. After 90 minutes, the score was 1: 1, but at 95 minutes it became 2: 1, as a result of the bet it is considered to be a loser (more than 2.5 goals scored).

When making a bet, you should be careful, in almost all BCs, next to the outcome, there is a separate clarification that the bet is accepted only for the main time. Additional halves usually have separate markets.

How to Bet on Statistics?

For major tournaments and top matches, bookies offer an extensive line of statistics. This includes corners, outs, shots on target and off target, fouls, yellow cards, offsides. This is a tempting market for players, but you should know the rules by which coupons are accepted for it. There are certain nuances here. For example, if one player receives two warnings and leaves the field, only one yellow counts. Only cards shown directly during the game are counted, if someone got it during a break or after the final whistle, then it does not count. The warnings issued by the arbiter to the coach and substitutes on the bench are not taken into account. Only yellow received by field players are taken into account. A similar rule applies to red cards.

Corners, shots on goal, outs and other components of the game coupons are accepted only for regular time. Only official protocol of the game is taken into account, even if there is a clear mistake, the better will not be able to prove his case. Today, the vast majority of offices take bets directly during the game, they are called live. In this mode, the proposed BC line is practically no different from the pre-match line. But the coefficients change in it almost every second and reflect the situation on the field.